PR maverick with 4 offices in Europe, happily married with a teenage daughter and a recent new addition baby boy to his family, it does not get more DAD CEO than this!

John Vellinga - A DAD.CEO with taste that's above the rest

DAD.CEO interviews John Vellinga, the creator of the Zirkova Vodka brand, a sought-after speaker on radio and television, including two appearances on Canada’s Dragons’ Den reality business show – for which he won a Viewers’ Choice Award.

Mikhail Pimenov - Staying young at heart with his children

DAD.CEO met up with Michael Pimenov, a proud father of 2 girls, CEO of a production agency that services international clients and the publisher of a successful comic books series.

Mohammad Zahoor - CEO with Twins

DAD.CEO had the pleasure to sit down with Mohammad Zahoor, a well-known philanthropist who happens to be the CEO of ISTIL Group and proud father to twin girls Arabella and Mirabella.

Steven Fisher - Raising global kids

DAD.CEO sits down for a unique interview with Steven Fisher whose family have called more than 6 countries their home. Now that he and his family have returned States side and settled down on three coasts - (east) New York, (mid) Chicago, and (west) California, we wanted to know more about the benefits that his children have received due to living abroad and being exposed to different cultures.

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