Life's Biggest Regret According To Fathers

Many fathers look back on their lives with a significant regret: not having spent enough time with their children. Here are reflections on this common regret and practical solutions to help current fathers avoid making the same mistake.

DAD.CEO Launches New APP for Dads

When it comes to being a dedicated dad, we’re all CEOs, but are we truly acting like leaders today in shaping our children’s futures with our presence? What if INVESTING WITH PRESENCE in your child were to become the new emotional currency? A currency that – when compounded – means we’re not only improving our children but improving ourselves? TIME + PRESENCE = DUAL GROWTH

Staying Connected When Apart

Dads living apart from their children face a unique challenge in staying present. Here are some strategies to bridge the distance and create a strong connection:

Be a role-model for your daughter

5 tips on how you can help your daughter grow into a strong, self-confident and resilient woman

Trying to Find Time to Be a Truly Present Dad?

Balancing an 80+ hour workweek with quality family time is challenging but achievable with strategic planning and intentional actions. Here are essential strategies to help you find time and be fully present for your children despite a demanding work schedule.

Keeping the Bond Alive After Divorce

Navigating parenthood post-divorce can be challenging, but it's crucial to remain a significant part of your children's growth. The transition requires thoughtful strategies, consistent efforts, and a positive mindset. Here are essential steps to help you stay connected and influential in your children's lives after divorce.


You have been able to rely on your gut instinct and intellect to succeed. Breaking barriers and creating connections with your colleagues allowed you to get to the top of your industry. But you are now facing a problem you cannot solve: How do I manage my energy and put my best foot forward with the people who matter most—my family?

Why you need to say 'NO!'

When we use “NO” properly, we allow our children to stay in a “Yes Brain” state. We keep our children’s brains open, curious, and connected. This flexibility and responsivity allow them to develop the grit they need to succeed in life.

Barack Obama: Father-In-Chief

DAD.CEO reviews the 3 phases of parenting from Barack Obama's life. From being a regular father just like the rest of us to becoming the 44th President of the United States, and finally on returning to civilian life and seeing his children entering adulthood.

Learning to fail

Teach your children that failing fast and hard are the best ways to learn and build true GRIT, PERSEVERANCE, and RESILIENCE.