In a limitless world, the word "NO" is a must

When we use “No” properly, we allow our children to stay in a “Yes Brain” state. We keep our children’s brains open, curious, and connected. This flexibility and responsivity allow them to develop the grit they need to succeed in life.

How to be a DAD CEO role-model for your daughter

5 tips on how you can help your daughter grow into a strong, self-confident and resilient woman

Why Conflict is Good for You

How can we bring about change and innovation in the workplace? How can we build stronger, more resilient relationships at home? How can we create open minds in our families and our teams, inviting new questions and new solutions to whatever problems we encounter? The answer is one you may not want to hear.

5 tips on how to be a better DAD.CEO

You have been able to rely on your gut instinct and intellect to succeed. Breaking barriers and creating connections with your colleagues allowed you to get to the top of your industry. But you are now facing a problem you cannot solve: How do I manage my energy and put my best foot forward with the people who matter most—my family?

How to survive being a single DAD CEO

Being a single father is difficult and will be trying at times. But if you play your cards right, you can sharpen your skills in both domains and you’ll become a more in-touch father and CEO.

Is Your Child a Future CEO?

If you happen to notice that your kid exhibits leadership traits from an early age, then capitalize on that chance to mold them as best you can. They will have you to thank for the CEO they’ll become one day. 


Entrepreneurship education is on the rise and self-employment numbers are growing. But do we need to get our children involved in the market so young?

Keep on Walking with João Perre Viana

DAD.CEO met up with a truly interesting and successful business leader and coach who has developed a unique way for parents and their kids to bond in what he calls the Walking Mentorship program.

Keeping the bond alive and well with traditions

OP-ED: I grew up the son of an absent father. I have no doubt that it is these childhood experiences that lead me to make the parenting decisions I did when my marriage to the mother of my son broke down. I pledged that I would always play an active role and be a present father.

3 lessons on the value of business management

My dad taught me my first lessons on the value of Business Time Management and these still count for me today in Business, and even more so in my everyday life.

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